The Diamante Bridge Collective (DBC) is an association of individual contributors, local organizations, and global partners working together as an interdependent network of autonomous communities to cultivate a planetary paradise. We are creating foundational agreements and more regenerative economies that empower us all to take better care of our bioregion, our neighbors and ourselves.

Primarily located in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, our membership spans the planet as both land-based and digital participants in the collaborative process of redefining value by re-aligning it with shared values. We operate in the space where public goods and private ownership meet personal responsibility and collective power.

Our Purpose

We are here to connect as bridges, building supportive relationships of respect between diverse people, communities and cultures. We consciously choose to live in harmony with nature and work to restore trust with one another whilst we transform our operating systems through more just and resilient programs. We learn from the past, then aim toward a present where everyone’s needs are met and the prosperity of Earth is endowed for the future generations.

How we do that:

We are co-creating collective agreements for self-governance, economic exchange, resource sharing and common-land stewardship.
  • Using Sociocracy as our agile governance model.
  • Using the format for our collective foundational agreements.
  • Adopting and adapting existing systems and practices from similar land-people based projects.
  • Linking with other land-people based projects for sharing skills, experiences, services, resources and team members.  
  • Holding common lands in trust or conservation for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • DAF…. creating non-profit donor-advised fund for receiving and administrating assets
  • DAO process, inter-ecovillage exchange process… creating a local, adaptable, regenerative economy.
  • All documents, procedures and agreements are living and adaptable; constantly evolving by active participants.   
  • Tracking participation and contributions with multiple types of “current-sees” (currencies).
  • Facilitating ongoing Mentorship programs such as: Natural building, Syntropi Permaculture and Regenerative.
  • Agroforestry, applied technologies, and Holistic Wellness.
  • Creating a Wisdom Council to enhance our collective vision and decision making.
We are facilitating the just redistribution of resources and power toward restoration of ecological wellness and social equity.
  • Striving to ensure that our local community, our Biological Corridor  “El Paso de la Danta”, and subsequently all of humanity live in “Right Relation” with the web of life. 
  • Identifying and integrating local “Bridgers” who have the interest, skills and desire to support our Vision and Missions.
  • Inviting and integrating locals into our organization as equal shareholders.
    We are inspiring planetary transformation by embodying regenerative lifestyles.
    • Hosting/collaborating on culture exchange and skill share events.
    • Celebrating and disseminating our joyful service to Mother Earth via social media.
    • Supporting the rebirth of balanced Earth-people cultures through Visionary storytelling and integrated indigenous ancestral wisdom.
    • Embodying the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture in our personal and communal lives.
    • Being a family/community… supporting and inspiring one another with honesty and clarity.
    • Regularly reviewing different projects to reassess and readapt for optimal impacts.
    • Onboarding new participants through a holistic intake, training and review process that supports personal growth, passions and mutually beneficial integration. 
    • Honoring the uniqueness of every individual and supporting one another on our personal healing journeys. 
    • Practicing Conscious Communication and Authentic Relating.
    • Adopting the “Findhorn Common Ground” agreements.
    We are generating experiential learning tools, skills, and capacities for the flourishing of personal, spiritual and environmental relationships.
    • Media team developing and open-sourcing educational content and workshops.
    • Using the Guiding Ethics, Principles and Petals of Permaculture as the basis of our organizational structure and operations.
    • Creating the “EARTHEART” Living Learning Center to support and catalyze the unfolding of our Vision and Missions.  
    • Recording and sharing meetings.
    • Using human design/gene keys/astrology to help innerstand and support one another. 
    • Managing funds efficiently and transparently  to achieve a high positive impact of ecological restoration and quality of life.
    • Creating village settlements that nurture optimal human development by most effortlessly meeting everyone’s needs.
    • Seeking continual improvement through periodic review of our agreements, objectives and procedures.
    • Celebrating and learning from our lessons.
    • Supporting future generations by integrating children into our daily activities, while honoring their freedom of choice and personal interests; raising children as a village.
    • Creating multicultural and multilingual learning environments. 
    • Exchange program and scholarships for youth leaders from economically disadvantaged communities. 

      Diamante Bridge Collective

      The Diamante Bridge Collective is a sociocratic organization created to coordinate the efforts of individuals and organizations towards the equitable “care for” and “distribution of” the natural and human created resources that support and provide a feedback loop for thriving communities.

      Clean water, clean air, and healthy soil are common natural resources that deserve protection and aligned action so that our future generations can thrive. The DBC is here to support the stewardship of these common resources through creating Land Trusts that have the health of the natural and human environment as their primary beneficiaries.

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      Free The Food

      We grow food together for everyone!

      We wish to see all the road sides in the world planted with an abundance of fruit trees, berries and edible greens!

      We want to be witnesses of the birth of many Community Gardens, that will provide abundance of free food to all of us.

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      RECenter the Resource Recycling Center San Salvador

      We are servicing the local community with the creation of a Recycling Center for gathering recyclable and repurposable material and to educate people on the impact of their choices and practices.

      We have also built a machine for processing plastic and converting into blocks and we are also in the process of acquiring an extruder for repurposing the plastic material.

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      Permaculture Local Youth Scholarships

      We are returning to living in harmony with Mother Earth and our web of relationships. Integrating ancient wisdom traditions with modern Permaculture, WE ARE serving as living bridges between an imbalanced history… and a brighter future.

      Through this program, we are empowering and supporting local youth with 1 month immersions where we learn together on Permaculture, Syntropic Agroforestry, Community Living and other important tools, where similar immersion programs are usually out of reach for the local youth.

      By empowering young Costa Ricans, we are building cultural bridges as well as spreading regenerative Earth Stewards with knowledge, passion, techniques, experience, seeds, and plants far and wide.

      Ríos Limpios Grey Water Filters

      We want clean rivers and oceans, and we can do something about it !

      We have found a simple and inexpensive solution which uses plants and other organic materials to filter out the toxins before they end back up in the local watershed.

      In an effort to stop the pollution in the nearby rivers of San Savador, Baru, Costa Rica, we have successfully installed several Grey Water Filters to serve as examples and educate the local neighbors on this efficient solution.